2019 Stallholders

So far….

  • Bev’s Plants: Bev Lane is a retired botanist, natural therapist and herbalist
  • Bloomin Beautiful: Floral Arrangements with native flowers
  • Croftwood Grove:  Different types of fruiting plants like berries, figs, currants, grapes, chestnuts. A range of herbs some common some not so common and a range of flowering plants
  • Falg Nurseries: Variety of seedling and plants
  • Grolife:  All Purpose Complete Slow Release Mineral Fertiliser it enables you to protect our environment , grow a healthy garden, really nutritious food, feeds the soil, stimulating a healthy living environment that produces garden plants, lawns and vegetables which are virtually resistant to disease & insect attacks. ww.grolife.com.au
  • Hassles Garden Works: http://www.manningsculptures.com.au
  • Lynmac Metal Art: www.lynmacmetalart.com.au
  • Lyndoch Lavender Farm
  • Ness Pig Compost: Composted pig manure ready to go, absolutely smell free, amazing stuff for your lawn, plants and veggies
  • Nellies Nursery: Variety of native plants
  • Super Snipper Heads:
  • Talunga Heights: Australian native plants, irises, daylilies and heritage tomato plants
  • Zambezi Crafts: We sell garden ornaments in the form of  birds, animals and flowers that are made in Zimbabwe from recycled metal.