Guest Speakers & Live Demonstrations

Karen Montgomery – Kspace.
Karen Montgomery is a horticulturalist, garden writer, workshop facilitator, presenterradio announcer and Hills dweller with a passion for edible gardening.

She encourages people to grow food; share their skills and their produce.


Will Sexton – Stagfox Forge
Watch Will Sexton live while he creates all different types of metal work including jewellery, blade-smithing, art, sculpture and practical (tools). 

“I absolutely love trying new techniques and creating new objects that are aesthetically pleasing or technically difficult. I tend to lean towards the artistic side of things when I create a piece because I want my work to stand out and be difficult to replicate. Whenever a new or complex project comes up I am always willing to try my hand at it, afterall, that’s how I improve.”


Faye McGoldrick – Mt Pleasant Natural Resource Centre
Faye will be talking about how insect hotels can create shelter for bees and other insects  and how this contributes to our environmental protection.

insect hotel